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The Telangana state minority employees service association public society regestration act 2001 reg.no.725/2009 as TS-MESA with a JURIDICTION OF ASSOCIATION ENTIRE TELANGANA ESTATE


  1. To represent on behalf of the Employees of Telangana State to solve the problem and grievances of the all Minorities Government Employees engeged i.e., the Minorities Employees belong to Muslim, Christain, Sikh, Buddhist, Parshy, Linguistic and Jains its Communities. The State Government, Employees and Teachers(Gazetted & non-Gazetted).
    The State Corporation, Boards, Public sector, Local bodies, Quasi Govt., Universities, Autonomous Body by virtue of their Employment irrespective of all cardes from Class-IV and Drivers to State Services boy to Head.
  2. To strive for prosperity and welfare of the Employees in Telangana State and to protect their rights, privilegas & grievances relating to service matters of the member and to safeguard their intrests either by written or oral representations before the competent authorities.
  3. To secure to its members better wages, improved service conditions, hygienic working conditions in terms of personal and family wwelfare of the Employee.
  4. To protect and safeguard the rights, and privileges, redress grievances of the State Government the association strives to achieve the goal directly or in association with likeminded organizations or in Collaborations and others that striving to achieve the same goal:
  5. To inculcate and faster the spirit of Service to mankind, Patriotism and National integrity and try to solve all the problems of all minority Employees living and working in Telangana State in a better way and the protection their legitimate rights and to solve genuine problems for the Minority Employees.
  6. To create an atmosphere conductive to develop fraternal and cordil relations and co-operation among the members.
  7. To render services to members of all Minorities Employee of STATE GOVERNMENT and their families of the Association will organize the recreation centers, Educationals institutions, Students guidance programmes, colleges, Health Camps & Health Counseling Center, Empowerment Awarness Camps, Sports Clubes, Literary Clubs at all levels of the Association to promote telents & skills of the members and to develop team sprit among the Employees
  8. To develop rapport with Sister Organizations and other Service Organization to create a common dias to strive for achieving "Common Problems" with a spirit of "live and let live" and to support legitimate demands of other working class.
  9. To chalk out action plans, programs and to mobilize the members whenever situation warrants to exhibit the unity and strength of the Association in the course of achieving any demands with the Govermnent.
  10. To organize Mutual benifit funds, Co-operative Societies, Insurance Schemes and any other schemes to meet economic and housing needs of the members and also to raise finicial resources to the Association.
  11. To chalk out programme to raose or secure funds from the members or other sections of the society or Government to Construct or develop old aged Homes for retired Employees for our Association.
  12. To convene seminars, symposiums, study circles, group disucussions, lectures, debates, literary and educational activities to develop intellect, caliber and standards of the member in order to keep pace with the fast changing society.
  13. To publish Newsletters, Journals, Bulletins, Pamphlet, Brochures and Souvenirs to appraise the member with the socio economic and political situations of the country and world, that may give effect upon an employee as an associate of the Society.
  14. To mobilize public opinion and support toward the agitations for achieving legitimate demands by conducting public meetings, conventions, confernces and message through print and Electroniv Media.
  15. To strive for providing the basic amenity of i.e., a hygienic house to all the members by organizing Cooperative Societies for the purpose and acquire Government / Private lands according to feasibility.
  16. To acquire requisite suitable land from the Government or private person for the purpose of Employees of Co-Operative Housing Society construction of the offices of the TS-MESA in state Headquarters, District & Mandal Head Quarters of the state wherever necessary.
  17. To extend moral support to the public agitation's and movements of social concern, as members of fellow society.
  18. To do all that which is necessary for the welfare of employee and his family.