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M.A Farooq Ahmed
- State President (Founder)

Dear Brothers and Sisters from Minority Community viz:Minority Employees from Muslims, Christian, Sikh, Budhist, Parsi and Jain Community.

Our Constitution Provides many amenities,provision under the rules for development of minorities at large but however when it comes to implementation part,not much is being done particularly with indiffererent attitude of leadership at centre/State Governments. In view of inadequate leadership, Minorities have no where to look for to receive direction and initiatives,As per reliable sources and also as revealed by surveys,the social and economic conditions of minorities is comparatively falling down gradually when compared to SC/ST brethren.

The number of employees representing Minority Community is also decreasing gradually.The objective of Telangana State Minority Rights Protection Front (TS-MRPF) is Obviously to provide platform for the minority community and its employees to protect its rights,constitutional provisions and ensure practical implementation of various GO's issued from welfare of minority employees in the state or central. TS-MRPF is the voice of Telangana State Minority Employees.

Our Demands

  1. Implementation on Educational Employment and Political Reservations to the Muslims to an extent of 12% Reservation as per Election Manifesto.And Other Minorities 5% Reservation on the basis of Justice Rajendra Sachar Committee and Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission Report.
  2. Demand for Political Reservation to Minorities for 10 MLA’s and 3 MP’s in Telangana State.
  3. Implementation of Prime Minister’s 15 Point Programme. Implementation of Urdu Language as Second Official Language in all Govt. Departments in the State.
  4. Implementing 25% Reservation to the Muslim Minorities in Weaker Section Housing Double Bed Room House allotment.
  5. Budget allocation to the Minorities on the basis of Population.
  6. Provide Judicial powers to Wakf Board on par with Endowment,remove illegal encroachment from Wakf Properties and Survey of Wakf Land in Telanagana State.
  7. Protection of Waqf properties in Telangana State along with Judicial Powers.
  8. Sub-Plan scheme for Muslim Minorities Implementation of Atrocity Act for all Minorities as per SC/ST Act.
  9. Construction of Minorities Welfare Bhavan in Hyderabad District.
  10. Opening of Urdu Aganwadi & Balwadi School Centres.
  11. Change the existing name of KBR Park to previous name i.e., Asifjahi Park.
  12. Change State Museum from the existing name of Dr. Y.S.R. Museum to previous name i.e., Nizam Museum.
  13. Hyd. Metro Rail name to be given as Nizam Hyderabad Metro Rail(NHMR).
  14. Demand to declare public holiday on Birthday of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah ( Founder of Hyderabad).
  15. Provide of Sikh Minority Welfare Corporation of Telangana State.
  16. Upliftment of Minorities in Education & their Economical Empowerment through Bank Linkage.
  17. Free Water and Electric Power supply to all Masjid, Churches, Gurudvara in the Telangana State.
  18. Allotment of land for graveyards to Muslims & Christian Community in District Head Quarters and Revenue Divisions.
  19. Our Votes, our seat, this is the way, this is the way.........!
    (Employee Wing, Pensioner Wing, Youth Wing, Student Wing, Women Wing, Workers Wing, Like Minded People Wing)